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    Google Maps listing optimization for your desired geo area. A great combination of high-quality, custom made citations with daily management by our team ensures a significant exposure boost for your Google My Business listing.


    Our Local SEO package was developed to those businesses located inside and outside Grand Toronto Area (GTA) yet outside of Toronto City. If you're looking to increase your website's exposure on Google and target your local audience this is a "must try" SEO service. Hundreds of clients from 50+ industries noticed an improvement in rankings as well inquiries increase by using our beginner package. *Perfect for businesses located outside of Toronto City. Great for: York Region, Peel Region, Durham Region areas.


    Our Toronto package was specifically developed for businesses located within Toronto City. Toronto is by far the most competitive area in Canada to rank on Google first page. We spent a healthy amount of time for research and tests to come up with cost-effective solution for you to gain those desired first page rankings for your Toronto based business website. *Perfect for businesses located inside of Toronto City.


    Our GTA+ SEO package is an enhanced combination of Google Maps, Local and Toronto SEO packages. This is an ultimate package for businesses who want to increase their exposure within Golden Horseshoe Area both on Google Maps as well as first page of Google organic results.


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Key features of our SEO services:

Flexible Monthly Services

We deliver high-quality, diversified SEO services on a monthly basis. At the end of each service cycle we deliver a complete work and performance report following by the game plan for the upcoming month, adjusting our services according to your business flow, seasonal changes and much more. Flexibility is key.

Reporting & Analytics

You never reach progress without proper reporting and data analysis. We utilize the latest reporting tools combined with internet intelligence tools to come up with the best action plan for each of our client. Easy to read and understand reports are automatically generated at the end of each service cycle.

Proven Performance

We are the first SEO services provider in Canada to offer time-proven and more important cost-effective SEO services for each business size and category. We came up with new 2020 version packages and happy to share a handful of successful case studies of our existing clients who benefit from each of our package.

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